IRC (Internet Relay Chat) Servers

You can also connect to our Network Chat through your favorite IRC client.

Round-robin main address without encryption Round-robin main address with encryption
  • IRCD Standard Protocol
  • Service Bots
  • Virtual Hosts
  • SSL Secure Connections
  • Privacy and Data Encryption
  • And much more!

Service Bots

Let the bots to make the hard work for you.
Set up a Virtual Host on you.

Service Bots

Privacy and Security

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Enabled.
User data encryption.

Data Encryption

General Rules

These activities are absolutely prohibited and have no tolerance

  • Spam: Sending messages with advertising of any kind.
  • Flood: Massive message with nosense to annoy others users.
  • Proxys: Connections from insecure sources.
  • Pornography: Exibition of pornographic images of any kind.
  • DoS: DoS attacks or any type of activity with the intent to disrupt services.
  • Insults: Respect and use appropriate language with other users

Be polite, respects and demands respect.

Let together a better community.
If you detect any activity outside of these terms you can report it here.

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